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> I'd argue that if Pete had put this out, there would be many of us who
> would state that he has gone insane.

I wouldn't.  I like it when they "shake it up" a bit so to speak. I was 
waiting for that on "endless wire" and didn't really find it myself. 

>> Like Little Steven, Ernie has great taste in music.

>> I bet he even likes Pinball Wizard.

probably the best compliment I've received on this webring yet. lol.   
"pinball wizard" is a song I hear alot and, have to admit, grow tired of, but it's 
not bad though. as a song in and of itself. 

>> Play the drum beat loud, grind the guitar with plenty of feedback, and it 
>> will rock.

well, hey, wasn't it sinatra that said (paraphrasing) that rock n' roll is 
sung by a bunch of goons?  bless Jack and meg for keeping that tradition alive! 
ha.  want "musical quality"? listen to yes, ELP, ELO, and pretty much any 
other band that has a moog player (although some of it isn't bad to me). 

"if you stay clear of quality, you're alright, y know." - PT

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