icky thump (sort of off topic)

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Tue May 15 21:42:26 CDT 2007

>icky thump (sort of off topic)
>Like Little Steven, Ernie has great taste in music.

Come on.
You didn't have even a *bit* of a "hey, I've heard this before" twinge when 
you heard Icky Thumb for the first time?
My immediate reaction was 'damn, this is the same thing, different lyrics, 
and then non-sensical guitar and lyrics thrown in for good measure to test 
us.'  Jack's laughing at you two!  If you'll eat that, you'll eat anything!

Play the drum beat loud, grind the guitar with plenty of feedback, and it 
will rock.

But is it good?

Kevin in VT
P.S.  Who *doesn't* like Pinball Wizard. 

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