Who's in rehersals

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Mon May 14 15:04:33 CDT 2007

>From Pete's blog...
Rehearsal Day 2 
A few fans have asked for a little more news about rehearsal. Going well. Trying out some new stuff, new versions of old stuff that is. Recently bereaved Rabbit looks rangy and jazzy with his new head-shave and goatee - and seems ready to work, and is of course playing brilliantly. The rest of us are rested after the 'Easter' vacation. Roger seems recovered. Zak looks as sleepy as I feel but wakes up when he starts to play. Pino seems alert and happy - he's also playing well as always. Simon is worried about our mother Betty, she's getting older and older. Keith Richard's mum died recently in her '90s. Not sure whether the Stones' man's mum drank a lot. Betty did, and sadly still does even in her late '80s. Survival in the face of self-abuse must be something to do with the size of your liver. I read today that we need to work extra hard on stage because we are up against some little children with very small livers in the Best Live Act group in Mojo. We (and the Stooges, also nominated) will do so without booze, drugs or f**kng Zimmer frames. When Iggy can't kick the shit out you I'll stop performing with the Who and retire to my garden to read the memoirs of Chairman Humph. So. Enough news? Rock 'n' roll enough for you? Did you guess? That's right, I have a very large liver.

Sadly my favourite childhood buddy Jimpy hasn't been so lucky. He's in worse condition than my mother. Think of him. He was the inspiration for Real Good Looking Boy.

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