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Martin Bailey mbailey at
Thu May 10 02:43:09 CDT 2007

Kevin said:

> I was wondering if anyone has attempted to manipulate the computer? 

I've done two sittings so far, and I've got one left.  I'm now thinking about what I can do get the best track possible out of the last sitting.  I want to try and get a fest, exciting piece of music out of it.

So the rhythm has to be quick.  You can't click a very fast rhythm with the mouse - the website just cant keep up.  So I'll record my hands slapping fast against the desk.

For the picture to upload: I was thinking what would happen if I uploaded a simple black and white chessboard.  I thought I'd get a simple, blockly, sound wave out of that.

Or maybe a picture of lightening would make an exciting sound?

Or maybe  a picture of a fractal.  I think that would give the most beautifully intricate music.

> I know there are some "non-believers" here. :-) 
I'm a sceptic in that I don't believe the end result has anything in common with the sitter.  But it's an interesting experiment, nonetheless.


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