Mike Myers on Moon movie schedule

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 11:32:05 CDT 2007

>From Moviesonline:

And the last three years I’ve been developing ‘The Love Guru.’ And now, it’s at Paramount and I’m shooting in August. And then after that there’s a slot and I’ll probably do the Keith Moon movie. That’ll also be in development during that time. You see, when you write stuff…I didn’t write Keith Moon, that’s Donald Margulies, who is a Pulitzer prize-winning playwright. He wrote an amazing, brilliant script. But he’s invited me into the process, like, ‘What do you think? What do you think?’ And I’m like, ‘Great.’ The average movie takes 60 months from the first kind of ‘Hmm, could this be a movie?’ to it being on the screen. I tend to take about 36 months, but I am there all 36 months.
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