Long Live Rock launches new Download Store with ITA Season One!

Carrie Pratt carriepr at comcast.net
Sat May 5 13:15:31 CDT 2007

Long Live Rock is proud to announce our new Download Store that will enable Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller to sell high quality DVDs and CDs directly to their fans using the bit torrent technology. 
Our first set of releases is the complete set of 10 DVDs for Season One of Rachel Fuller's groundbreaking "In The Attic" webcast series that features co-host Mikey Cuthbert, regular special guests Pete Townshend and Simon Townshend, and a variety of other artists.  If we are successful with selling these DVDs, hopefully we will be able to bring you more excellent official content from Pete and Rachel soon!

Episode One of ITA is now up for sale, and over the next few months we will be periodically putting out all 10 episodes, so check back often!  These DVDs are all excellent quality, unedited and produced directly from the master DVCAM tapes.  

To purchase, please go to http://www.longliverock.org and click on the Buy Now link under the ITA graphic, or go directly to http://www.longliverock.org/downloads and click on the link to purchase it from there.  The price is only $10 each, which is a bargain for the amount of content you get on these DVDs.

If you are new to ITA or downloading via bit torrent, I would encourage you to download the free podcast preview we have up. If you like what you see in that 5 minute clip, you will love this unedited DVD that is close to 3 hours of pure entertainment!

Each ITA episode is full of excellent music and lot's of hilarious banter. The show has grown and evolved over the past couple years, and it's a blast to watch how it all began with this first series. This first episode also marks the beginning of Rachel and Pete's blogs, and the whole genesis of the blogger community who plays a big role in the series.

Here are the details for ITA Episode 1.

In The Attic 
Season One Episode One
Webcast Live on 21st September 2005
Oceanic Studios

Rachel Fuller
Mikey Cuthbert
Pete Townshend

01 - Opening Credits
02 - Introduction (Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert)
03 - You (Mikey Cuthbert and Rachel Fuller)
04 - Happy To Be Sad (Rachel Fuller)
05 - Addicted To Your Love (Mikey Cuthbert and Rachel Fuller)
06 - Eat Me (Rachel Fuller)
07 - Pete joins the Attic
08 - You (Mikey Cuthbert, Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend)
09 - Plasticine (Mikey Cuthbert)
10 - Heart To Hang Onto (Pete Townshend)
11 - Winter (Rachel Fuller)
12 - End Credits

Duration: 02:42:47

Brought to you by: Long Live Rock Music Downloads

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