The End of The Truth

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Mar 27 12:35:06 CDT 2007

>Alan McKendree 
>The Truth 
>Capitalism has a moral foundation.

Actually, Communism has a moral foundation.
A "no man left behind" foundation.  We could learn something from the
brotherhood of soldiers.
Capitalism doesn't care if you and I strike a deal that hurts several
hundred people 'over the hill and through the woods.'
Oh, wait, let me rephrase....our current version of "Capitalism" in this
country doesn't care......if companies proven to have gotten people
addicted to cigarettes are allowed to continue to sell their death
sticks while millions die and we survivors pick up their healthcare
tabs.  Not to mention the auto-industry that has the technology to
increase significantly the gas mileage of our cars and in the process
curb carbon emissions, yet won't do it because of...their profit margin.
Don't even get me going with the Oil industry, 'what's in their
wallets', the harm to the environment, and to *our* wallets.  Do we have
an alternative to driving at the moment?  No.  We're stuck, screwed, and
Mr. Gas Man continues to laugh all the way to the bank.
Morals my ass.

>capitalism is the best  
>word to describe a political system in which individual rights (to  
>life, liberty, and property -- and those only) are preserved.....

At the expense of other's individual rights to life, liberty, and
property....which are *not* preserved.

>Any deviation from such a system by definition results in a loss of  
>rights, and is thus immoral.


>You go ahead.  I never advocate making money regardless of the  

Sure you do.

>For example, making money by doing murder for hire is right out.

Yet, you're ok with Phillip Morris?
You're ok with not doing anything to stop Global Warming that will
eventually murder millions, if not Billions?

>I'm saying that capitalism exists, if at all, in a context,  
>which rules out actions that violate individual rights...but once  
>that context is defined, transactions should all be voluntary,  
>without  the introduction of the police power of the state.

Yes, on the Endless Wire.
Wait, they have rules too.
And that little "feedback" thang is built in, why?
Oh yeah, because they too know that there are assholes out there that
need regulating.

>That means capitalism has a built-in conscience, and "capitalism
without a  
>conscience" isn't capitalism.

Fine. We agree.
But, we're talking about this country.  Actually we're talking about any
We already agreed that there is no real capitalism, so we are left with
a bastardized version of capitalism....the kind where individual rights
are not considered by the people making voluntary transactions.
It is selfish, and does not consider the individual rights of the
greater community.

>This is about where I have to come to a close.  I don't have time,  
>nor is this the venue, for deriving the philosophic case for egoism.

Because it never has, nor ever will exist.
It is a dream land where all live in harmony, yet everyone is driven by
self interests.

>I'll just add that I'll bet a dollar of our inexorably-depreciating  
>fiat currency that your econ major was taught by Keynesian economists  
>who were/are convinced

Yeah, 'cause you know it all better than the professors of Economics.

>And with that, I thank the moderators for their indulgence and return  
>to The Who.

Kevin in VT

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