The Truth

Christopher Cappiello cdowdcappiello at
Tue Mar 27 00:32:36 CDT 2007

Surely there's a capitalism/socialism, libertarian/welfare-state, global-warming/pro-polluters forum somewhere on this endless wire where you can take this discussion, no? The occasional off-topic discussion is inevitable, but I don't really need any more e-mails in my box on "The Truth," however you choose to define it.
  In Florida tonight, the Who played their last U.S. gig on this tour. Possibly ever, since you just never know. I'd love to hear from anybody who was there. 
  Set lists? Highlights? Any thoughts on why the mini-opera was dropped from the show the last few nights? 
  While I've got the mic, a special thanks to Brian Cady for so diligently getting those first reviews out to us every morning. Well done! 
  - Chris Capp

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