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Mon Mar 26 22:59:48 CDT 2007

>If we're not smart enough to see our mistakes and correct them, then we  the 
>human race will go extinct, and lose the *big* battle....survival of  the 
There is sin in man.  Show me one that doesn't have  it. Anywhere. 
Ask who can save the world and I will show you Who created it.
"Ingrained in good or stained in sin?"
The answer is both.
1). Scientists ask: "What is it?"  
2). Deep thinkers ask:  "What does it mean?"
3). Genuine spiritual people ask:  "Who are You?"
 The third category of person will receive the answer when the  question is 
honestly asked, expecting an answer.  They are not afraid to  ask all three 
Jon in Mi.

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