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> Actually, it was JOELLTE I recall as dismissing Republicans as a such.

I didn't say it like that.  someone provided info that al gore uses up more 
energy than anyone else and has two homes or something like that, and I 
responded by saying that that information came from a right wing republican group. y 
know, al gore's a democrat? didn't say they were idiots. the repubs.  
untrustworthy maybe, "distorters" yeah, but not necessarily idiots. however, now that 
you mention it..... ; )

>> Of course, if you feel that private enterprise does a piss poor job of
>> preserving anything natural or beautiful, you've also got the right to 
>> for representatives who will acquire it on our behalf, to preserve such
>> treasures not just for the wealthy tourists that will help them turn a
>> profit, but for all of us, as a whole.

well, may I recommend yet another documentary, "hacking democracy", which 
aired not too long ago on HBO. in other words, the voting machines being used now 
are untrustworthy and they prove, very thoroughly, that they are. the doc was 
made before the recent election where dems took over congress and the house, 
so that's not mentioned, but the 2004 presidental election is, and believe me, 
it's pretty fair game. kerry was attacked for not saying anything about this 
issue even though he knew what was going on. however, I did hear recently that 
"they will look into" vote tampering or something like that.   in other 
words, why vote for reps who you feel will do a better job with climate issues if 
those votes aren't gonna be counted properly in the first place?   scary times 
we live in to say the least. 

"Lie?! me?! ha ha ha, nnnnever ::inhales:: the truth is far too much fun." 

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