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Mon Mar 26 10:55:58 CDT 2007

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> Here's better than that -- Wunsch's letter itself, not a bunch of
> quotes therefrom:

Thanks.  Wow, the program sounds even more biased and dubious than I

> > We do not own this planet.
> > We are care takers.
> For whom?

For future generations of human beings.  It seemed pretty clear to me.

> That doesn't rule out untouched wilderness, if anyone
> wants to buy and preserve it (as The Nature Conservancy, e.g., is
> doing), but it does imply letting the market determine its value.

Of course, if you feel that private enterprise does a piss poor job of
preserving anything natural or beautiful, you've also got the right to vote
for representatives who will acquire it on our behalf, to preserve such
treasures not just for the wealthy tourists that will help them turn a
profit, but for all of us, as a whole.

Jim M

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