US CD Sales Drop 20% In One Year (No Who)

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Mon Mar 26 08:21:29 CDT 2007

>beats the hell out of riding all 
>the way to a music store where  it can get a bit crowded, you ask people for 
>help who don't know Liz  phair from Liz taylor, they tell you "they don't 
>it" when they  actually do..  whereas, on amazon for example, all you have 
to do  
>is type in something and it comes right up. easy as pie. 
So I wonder why sales are down?

>well, apparently, I first read about this puzzle like.....just now when  you 
>said it. I saw an article, a few actually, in RS and "mojo" magazine  about 
>new white stripes album, but it dosen't mean it'll sell. plus,  it's like 
>same article and photo that was used. only two magazines,  one in the US and 
>in the UK..  see what I mean? not alot of  recognition.
But did you see the puzzle?  
Jon in Mi.

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