The Truth

John pureneasy at
Mon Mar 26 01:59:44 CDT 2007

Alan, re

> > Obviously, the "pro-environment" industry is already in place and  
> > providing a lot of people with a living.  It's not clear that it  
> > needs saving in a way that people can do anything about.  

It always amuses me to see "environmentalists" flying here there and
everywhere in order to reduce "carbon emissions".

> > If people  CAN do something about global warming, human
> > would be  my choice rather than punish ourselves back to a lower 
> > standard of  living through thinly-disguised taxes.

Our Government have raised taxes on holiday flights in an attempt to
show they are "working" positively on green issues. Balls, They are
raising taxes. So far there has been no indication of exactly WHAT
environmental issues these so called green taxes have been spent on.

I'm with you here, Alan. And anyway, we're heading for an Ice Age soon -
a few thousand years yet, don't panic!!



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