US CD Sales Drop 20% In One Year (No Who)

Sun Mar 25 18:51:10 CDT 2007

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> Yes it does.  Here's a puzzle  in which you can find out all the  song 
> titles 
> and other secrets on the NEW White Stripes album  "Icky  Thump"  Woo!  
> _Greetings from the White Stripes_ (  

well, apparently, I first read about this puzzle like.....just now when you 
said it. I saw an article, a few actually, in RS and "mojo" magazine about the 
new white stripes album, but it dosen't mean it'll sell. plus, it's like the 
same article and photo that was used. only two magazines, one in the US and one 
in the UK..  see what I mean? not alot of recognition. at least a WHOLE lot 
anyway.   may I also add that I feel if you combine the retail sales with 
internet sales and have the billboard 200 rank sales through these two combined 
sources, you'd see their sales reports begin to pick up very quickly and possibly 
better albums enter the top 10 and no. 1. because more people are buying from 
internet sites like I know I am. beats the hell out of riding all 
the way to a music store where it can get a bit crowded, you ask people for 
help who don't know Liz phair from Liz taylor, they tell you "they don't have 
it" when they actually do..  whereas, on amazon for example, all you have to do 
is type in something and it comes right up. easy as pie. 

and the Len price 3 are another band worth checking out. sort of a modern day 
who shall I say. my fav current band from england right now. 

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