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Sun Mar 25 08:46:01 CDT 2007

>Alan McKendree
>The Truth

>The producer, being both British and a former if not current Marxist,
>is clearly not a Republican, so cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Hey, I never said all idiots and distorters are Republican.
Just seems that way.

>I'm also not interested in having the
>government telling me what standard of living I'm to be allowed
>before having to buy a permit, and am somewhat surprised that you
>are, given your prickly attitude toward authority.

Ummm, I'm not too keen with your characterization of me having a "prickly 
attitude toward authority", what ever that means.
I actually don't have a problem with authority, at all.
It's mean people and assholes, whether in a position of authority or not, 
that I have a problem with.
Unfortunately mean people, assholes, and authority aren't always mutually 

But, back to the subject at hand.....if we need to make drastic changes to 
save our planet, or at least limit the amount of geographical change that is 
already almost a certainty, then geeeee, I think we should all do our part.
It seems pretty selfish not to, when it is apparent that millions will be 
displaced, or if we do nothing but continue at the current rate of annual % 
increase of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, we will all eventually 
perish.  That's "we" as in the Human Race, not necessarily you and me (since 
we'll be dead already).  But, let's look at the long term for a change, eh?

>If it involves reducing ourselves to starvation in the name of
>achieving Africa's carbon footprint, yes.

Oh, come on.
No one is advocating starvation.  That would be against the overall goal of 
But, don't we need to do something?

>It's not at all clear that capitalism is to blame for environmental

Ummm, it is abundantly clear that capitalism and its lack of conscience is 
to blame for The United State sitting on its hands for the last 30+ years.
No, actually let me rephrase....
It is unquestionably and abundantly clear that it is the weakness of our 
Government (run by the people, remember, so us ourselves) for continually 
allowing policy to be set (PURCHASED!!!) by those capitalists who's only 
goal is to maintain the status quo.....AKA profit margins.
It's what we call Capitalism run amuck.
And, the reason it is allowed to continue is because we are a selfish, 
greedy society.
If you can't admit that, you are hiding your head in the sand and not 
listening to the other people on this planet that cant stand us because of 
this very reason.

>My impression is that environmentalists will go to the
>wall to prevent allowing the public to vote with their wallets as to
>exactly how much they value "the environment" -- say, Yellowstone
>Park -- preferring instead to lobby government to enforce standards
>of the environmentalists' choosing.

We do not own this planet.
We are care takers.
It is the same for private land owners.
This is a philosophical attitude that is slowly changing, has come a long 
way, but has much much farther to go.
But you're advocating that Ford and GM be allowed to set policy.
Sorry, sometimes it takes leaders with a bigger perspective than just me and 
my wallet.

>It's not clear that it
>needs saving in a way that people can do anything about.

You sound defeated.
I'm not.
Get out of the way if you are.
Let the people who aren't save you and the rest of us.

>Capitalism (private property) is the cure for environmental problems,
>too.  People take much better care of property, be it houses or
>mountains, if they have a personal stake in it.  Enforcing those
>rights is one of the legitimate purposes of government.

Now I'm confused.
I thought you were *against* Gore and what he's doing????
Pick a side, Alan, and stick to it.

And, by the way....people don't take much better care of property, houses or 
mountains just because they own them.
You should have seen Vermont only 60 years ago.
All the trees were gone.
That's not an exaggeration......."All the trees were gone."
Those private property owners, with their wallets needing filling, clear cut 
the entire state.
See, people left to their own devices, will do what is in their own self 
It took Federal and State legislation to stop the practice and ensure the 
habitat and survival of the inhabitants.

Sound familiar????

Kevin in VT 

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