US CD Sales Drop 20% In One Year (No Who)

Sat Mar 24 17:44:34 CDT 2007

know what's sad? anything that could be "new and different" in music these 
days dosen't get any recognition. not as much as, say, when nirvana came out 
anyway. I remember when I first heard the yeah yeah yeahs some years ago, I 
thought it was the most original thing I've heard, like, ever really. and yet, even 
with two releases on a major label, there is no impact. sort of like, "ha, 
nice, moving on".  whereas, I'm sure if they came out in 1991, they'd be huge. 
maybe.   seems sort of like they don't care much about music these days, and if 
you feel that way, the public will also. why do you think they keep 
re-releasing old stuff "re-mastered" and "with bonus tracks" and maybe with a DVD and 
all that? because, these are the albums that they seem to always concentrate on 
as opposed to the newer bands and artists and releases, plus, they feel 
they'd make more money by re-releasing this stuff. 
not to mention, CDs are quite expensive these days. costs, what, a penny to 
make em or somethin' like that? and prices are like 20 bucks for a single disc 
album? that's why more people are spending a dollar a song on iTunes. wouldn't 

now, I know some of you will say, "well, there's nothing good out there 
today", may I recommend the following albums by current artists, bought or 

- "howl" - the black rebel motorcycle club
- "war of the wakening phantoms" - the high dials
- "friendly fire" - sean Lennon
- "yeah yeah yeahs" (EP) - the yeah yeah yeahs (this is their first ever 
release that got me hooked. still available on I believe. see if you 
can get their following releases as well if you wish)
- "pretty in black" - the raveonettes
- "white blood cells" - the white stripes (sorry, but I think this is their 
best album thus far)

other bands worth checking out: the charms, ko and the knockouts, raconteurs, 
Jet.  there may be some others too, but those are the first ones that came to 
my mind in this one sitting.  

honorable mentions: 

- "streets of new york" - willie nile (BRILLIANT album by a brilliant artist. 
he's been around awhile, I think he opened for the who in the early 1980's, 
but I still think this album, released only last year, is one of the best 
recent releases by anybody, old and new)
- "american idiot" - green day (I'm aware some of you have this album already 
and enjoyed it, but still worth mentioning)
- "goodbye alice in wonderland" - Jewel (I know, I know, but at least TRY to 
give this one a spin sometime) 

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