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Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Mar 23 18:43:52 CDT 2007

>Alan McKendree
>The Truth
>Google "Al Gore" and "Generation Investment Management" for plenty of
>information NOT from Republicans,

Not so sure about that.

>on how Gore stands to make a lot of
>money by persuading people of the dangers of global warming.

Hmmmm, like those trying to get Ethanol in the mainstream will make allot of 
Like those trying to spread (pun intended) the use of "Cow power" and 
methane gas will make allot of money?

>He's in the process of peddling

Yeah, the bastard!

>a second currency, called "carbon credits",
>and trying to convince the government to make you buy them with real
>money if you want

What was that?

>if you want

One more time?

>if you want

>to use more than your government-assigned quota.

How dare he!!

>If you like that idea, imagine the bureaucratic boondoggle of trying
>to assign not only a carbon quota to each US citizen but to each
>daily activity.

Yes, because in Alan's eyes, there should be *no* government, because all 
that regulation sure has kept pollution in check.
Who needs regulation?
We're doing just fine without it!

Meanwhile China begins regulations that put us to shame.
Sorry, a bit too communist for your anarchist tendencies?

>Carbon emissions are a byproduct of technological civilization, and
>the more technology is produced, the more carbon.

But, we are hopeful that technology can also *reduce* carbon, and SAVE OUR 

>The US could have
>the carbon footprint of Africa if it had Africa's living standard,
>but I doubt that even the 10% of us that would survive under those
>conditions would approve of the switch.

So, fuck it.
Right Alan?
Fuck it.
Who cares.
Not my problem.
I'm not going to change.
Gonna.....keep on..........Keepin' on.
We'll ignore the historical correlations of rise in atmospheric carbon and 
rise in climate temperatures.
We'll ignore the *VIOLENT* spike in atmospheric carbon in the last 30 years, 
and......right on comes the temps.

Why is it ok for this capitalist society to destroy the environment to make 
money, but it's somehow unethical to make money by *saving* the environment?
Come on.
Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

Who ever the genius is that invents the car that gets 1,000 MPG will become 
rich beyond his wildest dreams.
Who ever the genius is that will invent a way to produce electricity, in 
large enough quantities without needing fossil fuels, will be come rich, 
rich, rich.

And, I'll personally thank them for it.

Heaven forbid that Al developed a way to get money into the hands of those 
potential geniuses that will fight what is an undisputable shift in climate, 
and resulting historic melting of ice caps at speeds not even feared in 
scientists worst nightmares.
And, heaven forbid that he would want the US government to run such an 
operation and return investment gains to the....US Government for use in 
things like....oh, I don't know....better education, healthcare ( ! ), and a 
couple other hundred things we need that the current administration either 
dismantled or won't bother to consider.

Look out Florida.
You're a goner.

Kevin in VT

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