Roger: Moon DID drive car into swimming pool

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Thu Mar 22 08:27:42 CDT 2007

>But Daltrey insists, "It flaming well did happen. We got the $50,000  bill 
for it.

>"He could have gone to jail for three years. This was  Right-wing America in 
the Sixties. They just didn't like >us long-haired  hippies.
Flint Mi.  Yep.
Yeah, this long haired dude flew a plane into our house back then and  when 
he got out of it, we all got out the booze and partied.  My  dad thought it was 
a riot!  The neighbors chipped in and paid the 80 grand  for the guy when 
they found out he was already drunk and  just playing  around.  
Jon in M.

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