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Editor’s Letter
You’d have to say that the creative genius of many of the artists Uncut regularly celebrates is matched only by their inclination towards the kind of self-destructive behaviour that often leads – with what is usually described as a “grim inevitability” – to their premature deaths.

And so Moon’s off-stage antics became as legendary as his on-stage playing – the way he lived inseparable from the way he drummed, which was largely without caution, forever on the limit, and usually beyond.

By timely coincidence, The Who have just announced at the time of writing the dates for their 2007 European tour at a press conference where Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend played an amazing 20-minute acoustic set. For details of that, go to the new daily blog I’m writing on, which now also hosts John Mulvey’s Wild Mercury Sound, another daily blog, in which John reports on the best new music we’ve been listening to at Uncut. We’d love your feedback, so get in touch! 
-Brian in Atlanta
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