The Truth

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Wed Mar 21 19:20:02 CDT 2007

>Stephen Fairbairn
>The Truth
>Doesn't Al gore's house use more electricity in 1 day than most homes
>in North America use in a month


>- and Doesn't Al have more than one

Who knows.

>Hey Al, what is your footprint on the environment?

It's zero.

>Bet it is a lot bigger than mine!!!

The moment you turn on a light switch in *your* house, your "footprint on 
the environment" is already 1,000 times greater than Al Gore's.
As testified today, he spends 30,000 a year on energy.
Every bit of it is "green energy" that doesn't contribute one spec to 
greenhouse gases or global warming.

The Truth.

Kevin in VT 

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