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Lowgens02 at writes:

> The last four shows of the tour will go ahead. Roger has been advised by no 
> less then three doctors that he is OK to perform and although I think he may 
> still find the next few days hard (more shows in a row than we normally do) 
> I'm 
> sure we'll be great. Thanks for your patience. See you in Little Rock, 
> Oklahoma, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

are you sure now pete? not another false alarm? well, goodie then.  and by 
the way, I'm sure I can speak for everyone on here (for a change. ha), that it 
isn't "patience" but "concern" that we're feeling.  

>> it was bronchial pneumonia, at 
>> least that's what Pete reported. Then he got a viral infection,

probably what the doctors told him. my point exactly on that. plus, he heard 
roger was ok, and then he found out that his sodium levels were extremely low. 
now he's good again.  let's hope he stays that way. 

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