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Wed Mar 21 17:56:56 CDT 2007

>What I want to know is, why after a week he is still getting worse then
>better then worse then better. What kind of shitty medical care is he
>-Chris in Cleveland

A fluctuating condition is no reason to assume that Roger's getting 
substandard care.  And just to correct someone else's post, it wasn't 
bronchitis that Roger had at first, it was bronchial pneumonia, at 
least that's what Pete reported.  Then he got a viral infection, and 
now as a result he's battling low sodium.  From :

Because the brain is very sensitive to sodium levels, low sodium 
causes symptoms including confusion and lethargy. The patient may 
feel nauseated, and experience muscle twitching, which can progress 
to seizures.

Symptoms of moderate hyponatremia include tiredness, disorientation, 
headache, muscle cramps, and nausea. Severe hyponatremia can lead to 
seizures and coma.

There's a good page worth of possible causes.

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