Roger News:Not Good

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Wed Mar 21 18:28:01 CDT 2007

>Jim M
>Roger News:Not Good
>but I would think he'll be fine now he's receiving treatment for
>it.  It will take some time to get him back to full strength, though.

Can't tell if you're talking about your relative or Roger.
But, if Roger, are we certain he's getting treatment?  The *right* 
I mean, had he followed the recommendations and gone into the hospital for 
some serious hydration, he'd likely be fine by now.
I'm getting the feeling that Roger is a devout homeopathic fan, and the 
"doctor" he is seeing isn't taking care of him in the "traditional" ways 
supported by the scientifically-based medical community.
Roger has probably been given some wacky "remedy."

Why the hell *wouldn't* you go into the hospital for IV treatment when 
suffering from low sodium and severe dehydration?
Well, you didn't, Roger, and now the rest of the tour is likely gone.
Don't be like my sister and ignore the real medical community.
Before you know it, you're in deep shit, and going to real doctors to save 
your life.

Piss me off....

Kevin in VT

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