Rough elbows?

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Mar 21 11:45:24 CDT 2007

Rough elbows? 
Now let's talk about REAL medical shit.

Do you have rough skin on your elbows? Your knees? Your hands? Your

Rachel went to a pharmacist in New York to get me some stuff because my
elbows were really rough, and starting to feel as though I had eczema
starting, the skin was cracking and bleeding. To be honest I've had it
for years and only took notice now because it started to really hurt and
was keeping me awake.

She was given AMLACTIN and passed it to me with the pharmacist's promise
it would work. Yeah! (I sneered cynically) Sure it will work!

After a week of quite careless and irregular use my elbows are now
smooth and pink - it's so effective this stuff, it's CREEPY! You know
how we never expect these creams and things to really do anything? This
stuff is phenomenal.

It claims to "Moisturize and soften rough, dry skin."

It does it. This is the dry skin equivalent to the aspirin for a
headache in your elbow. Or something. 
posted by Pete Townshend at 9:02 PM  

Nifty photo of Pete and his affected L-bow.

In VT we use "Udder Butter."
It's the same stuff farmers wipe on cows udders.
Leaves your skin soft and nipple.

Kevin in VT 

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