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I dunno about you all, but it seems to me (it would, wouldn't it?) that this 
is a sign that the who should've stopped after 2002.  either that, or roger 
shouldn't have that tea.   

A bit contradictive? They should of stopped in 2002 but what the heck, forge
ahead in August anyway?Can a guy have some vocal strains without the
sirens blasting all about?This shit happens to Mick Jagger,Steven Tyler
and Ian Gillan all throughout their career.Of course,as far as his health
I hope there isnt something else going on.Did I just contradict myself?:)

pretty concerned at the moment about roger's health. would be a good idea 
indeed to postpone all the remaining shows until august. hopefully, he'll be 
by then. and someone should tell him that when he does get better, he should 
relax until that point and not do anything else. seems to be a bit of a 
workaholic isn't he? ha.

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