Patti Smith correction

Sun Mar 18 22:59:53 CDT 2007

I taped the hall of fame show when it was live on VH1 classic, like over 4 
hours long and although some "curse" words were bleeped, others weren't. the "n" 
word wasn't, that's for sure. 

I love patti. she's not very attractive but there's one shot of her that was 
on the cover of RS back in the 70's, it's a famous one, there's like fire 
behind her and she's like sweated (it was real flames behind her I believe), annie 
Leibowitz took it, and, well, I sort of wagged my tongue at it. ha!   I think 
smarts, creativity, and bravery to say what you feel no matter what can 
surpass looks in the "sexy" department any day. and patti definitely has that. 

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