Patti Smith correction

sroundtable at sroundtable at
Sun Mar 18 18:51:05 CDT 2007

Egg on my face.  I looked up Rock and Roll Nigger and found it is a Patti Smith classic.  I'm sure all of you knew that already, so no need to flood the list with corrections.  It also appears that I must have misheard Patti singing the lyrics from the chorus to The Song is Over.  I was also sure I heard her throw in those Who lyrics at one point.  However, the actual lyrics are: "I was lost In a valley of pleasure, I was lost In the infinite sea..."  Patti is a Who fan though, as I found a cover of MG she did live at CBGB on You Tube. Gotta say that Patti hasn't lost the rock/punk spirit.  She's ugly, in your face and doesn't give a shit what people think.  Gotta respect the hell outa that. 
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