Patti Smith quotes The Who at R&R Hall performance

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Sun Mar 18 17:41:28 CDT 2007

So I'm watching part of the 2007 R&R Hall of Fame induction ceremony on VH-1, and catch the last half of Patti Smith's performance of what seemed to be a new song of hers called, I think, "Rock and Roll Nigger."  I'm not kidding, folks.  From what I could gather, it is a MAJOR anti-establishment, coutner-culture song meant to shock the audience.  VH-1 actually bleeped the word nigger (and all the other profanity, of which there was plenty), which was used maybe 25 times in the song.  By the way, the song f-ing ROCKED!!!  I'll bet it's on YouTube, so check it out.
Anyway, at a certain point in the song, I'm pretty sure Patti sang, "I sing my song to the wide open spaces, I sing my song out to the infinite sea..."  If anyone saw it, please correct me if I'm wrong.  Guess she's a Who/Pete Twonshend fan.
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