pete on Q1043

Sun Mar 18 08:09:23 CDT 2007

ok, this time I have it right and forgive me for constantly posting about 
this.   but an interview with pete townshend with Q1043 DJ ken dashow will be 
broadcasted on the station tomorrow (monday, march 19th) at 7:00pm ET for a whole 
hour. ken says it's the only radio interview pete has ever done during this 
tour (not sure if that's true, but that's what he said) and they will cover 
music, iraq, anna nicole smith etc.  should be interesting. and he adds that a 
snippet can be heard now on his blog (yep, everyone has one) on the station's 
website  I believe you can hear the station live as it happens on the 
site too which should be helpful for those who wanna hear the interview 
outside the NYC area. although, i'm not guaranteeing you'll be able to hear it on 
the site.    and I apologize for constantly posting about this. I just wanna be 
sure and let those who are interested here be sure about the when and where 
this interview will be broadcasted. 

thank you.  and peace out!

"if you're normal, they'll accept you, but if you're deranged....they'll make 
you their leader". 

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