pete on "breakfast with the beatles" in new york

Sat Mar 17 23:04:42 CDT 2007

sounds odd, but I attended the "fest for beatles fans" in new Jersey earlier 
today and ken dashow, DJ on Q1043 in new york who co-hosted the event and 
hosts "breakfast with the beatles" on the station, announced that pete was gonna 
be on the show. don't know when though but since it's on every sunday morning 
at 10 I believe, it'll be worth checking out like, now if you're reading this 
around 10:00 on a sunday morning and you live in the NYC area. ha. or you can 
listen at and he said something about a podcast, if you know how to 
do those things. 

by the way, any fans of the smithereens here? got to see them perform at the 
fest tonight and met two of the members, both of whom were extremely courteous 
and I'll never forget it. : )

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