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Sat Mar 17 23:09:23 CDT 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

SxSW in Austin - Roger Medicare in Miami 

Having such a great time here in Austin. Old friends, new friends, 
music music music everywhere. The vibe here is wonderful. If you 
love music and have never been to this Festival try to come soon, 
they handle the numbers, the people, the tech, the food and everything 
with such good grace.

I have been doing days full from dawn till dawn. Not much time to 
worry about Roger, but it turns out he has a viral infection complicated 
by severe dehydration. To be honest, on Roger.s behalf, he so often 
FEELS as though he's at death's door that when it really happens - as 
it did at Tampa - he fails to act on it quickly enough. I plan to call him 
tomorrow and I'll let you know how he is.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding, and to those too who 
complained. It's good to know you work so hard to come and see 
us, and that it hurts when we don't play because it hurts us too. We 
plan something very special for all our fans who missed out.

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