NME on Pete at Fratellis gig

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 17 11:08:49 CDT 2007


Pete Townshend made a surprise appearance this afternoon (March 16) at South by SouthWest. 

The legendary guitarist joined The Fratellis on stage during their 1:30 pm set and took the audience completely off guard. 

Dressed in a dark suit and dark glasses under an overcast sky, Townshend appeared to be enjoying himself immensely on the stage of Stubb's Barbeque during Spin Magazine's party. 

The Glaswegian newcomers were equally chuffed, and buzzed through their high-energy, guitar-driven numbers with even more enthusiasm than usual. 

The audience, who had been scattered across the large venue, rushed to the front of the stage as soon as Townshend took the stage. 

This appearance was probably not a coincidence, as Townshend and The Fratellis are no strangers. The band previously recorded in Townshend's studio for his partner's on-line music programme, 'In The Attic'. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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