I want it Live!

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Fri Mar 16 12:41:14 CDT 2007

>If they could capture the feeling of being part of a big gathering at a concert, then sure. But, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Get some really big speakers for your PC!     : D
  >There could be "Zak cams" like the Ox's bass cam.

  Hmm.. a camera attached to the end of his drumstick?  Sounds interesting but rather impractical.  Just kidding, I know what you mean.  Actually I'd love to be able to watch shots of just individual members of the band  such as Zak (since I'm a drummer).  For how-to drumming videos they often film the drummer from more than one angle and you can switch back and forth, like from his hands to his feet.
Kevin and Tania O'Neal <kevinandt at gmavt.net> wrote:
  >Jim M
>I want it Live!
>I'm not sure I understand Pete's obsession with this. If I can't interact
>with the band or other fans, why do I care if it is live or delayed? If
>they could capture the feeling of being part of a big gathering at a
>concert, then sure. But, I don't see that happening any time soon.

I think I can help.....

I'll never forget the feeling when Pete's Lifehouse play was webcast.
Why do I think you were in London at the time and missed it?

We all huddled by our computers to listen to this play through the "tunnel 
affect" that the internet brought us just some 8 years ago or so (anyone 
have the date?).
I felt part of a village....a group.
It was as close to the Lifehouse as I've ever been.
(dork alert!)
It was exciting !

Now, imagine a live concert by The Who, with Pete and Roger talking to *all* 
of us in the venue and on the Endless Wire.
The possibilities are endless and pretty *fucking* exciting.
There could be interaction (interactive).
There could be "Zak cams" like the Ox's bass cam.
There could be focused views on each member and you could jump from one to 
the next.
There could be feedback (shudder the thought).
I dunno, but such an experience just seems way cool to me.
With good picture and audio as is now available, I see millions of 
households around the world all watching the show on their wide-screen TV's 
and dancing around the livingroom.
There could be some vid screens in the venue that are broadcasting some 
volunteers at home.
People in countries (Mexico! Brazil!) who have come close to getting a 
show, only to be disappointed, who could finally join in on the fun.
People stationed up in Alaska or down on the South Pole researching to save 
this planet from ourselves, could tune in and watch....real time..... with 
the rest of us.....and not feel so far away.....just for a few hours in the 

When you start to think about it, it kind of blows the mind at what could be 
done and how fun it could be.

Kevin in VT 

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