I'm scared for Roger

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> I just hope he's in good spirits-physically &mentally-when I eventually say 
> my long-awated "Hello"! ;-)

eh. i'm sure he's fine. it's possible if anything, pete probably would've 
said it at least ONCE during his SXSW appearance. he said he's "lucky" which 
could mean that, well, he's lucky, health wise and everything else.   I hope his 
wife or someone close to him is with him. isn't sheryl crow busy right now? ; ) 

think it's possible for the who to make up their mexico dates? keep in mind, 
the last time the who did a full tour of europe was in 1997, so. lucky they 
were able to do a tour of europe last year.  plus, they returned to australia 
for the first time since the 60's and played Japan for the first time ever a few 
years back.  so they haven't recently just toured the US and europe "like 

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