I'm scared for Roger

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> Welcome to the mismanaged world and attributor to Roger's bouts with 
> bronchi
> pneumonia! I just loved going from 80 degrees Florida to 30 degrees Georgia
> to to 19 degrees DC to 30 degrees Long Island to 80 degrees Florida again.

global warming?  if that's the case, then many acts that are going on the 
road will be sick by the time it's over. or heck, by the time it begins. maybe in 
the middle too. everyone's different.   weather changed up here in the 
northeast. was like freezing cold a few days ago, then today it's 79 degrees. and I 
heard it's gonna freeze again.  then again, I don't trust weathermen anyway. 
they're usually wrong about "the future". I think al roker said we would get a 
few inches of snow, and that's when the blizzard of '96 happened.   I remember 
my chorus teacher in Junior high school saying that being a weatherman is the 
best job because it dosen't matter whether you're right or wrong, you get 

thankfully, sting does yoga. ha. 

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