I'm scared for Roger

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> Tracking what?

the bronchi pneumonia. however way you spell it

Right, ok thanks for clearing that up.  
Well, how about starting by NOT scheduling the tour in a cockeyed f*cking 
They went from cold weather states to hot weathered states to cold weathered 
states etc etc,
this was the most f*cked up itinerary I have ever witnessed and done myself.I 
have had
something similar for all three legs and Scott Schrade and others can vouch 
for me.
Welcome to the mismanaged world and attributor to Roger's bouts with bronchi
pneumonia! I just loved going from 80 degrees Florida to 30 degrees Georgia
to to 19 degrees DC to 30 degrees Long Island to 80 degrees Florida again.
I wish Roger all the best and not sure that he'll be ready for Tampa and 
but fingers crossed.
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