Pete launches "The Method" April 25

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Wed Mar 14 16:15:36 CDT 2007

>From Pete's blog

Here it is for those of you with e-mail only right now:

The Method - Launch April 25th

Today, as part of his Keynote Address at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin Texas Pete Townshend is announcing the Method.

After more than 25 years of patient research Pete is launching the website he first described in the science fiction story behind the Who's legendary Who's Next album of 1971.

The Method - designed by Lawrence Ball - offers subscribers the opportunity to create their own unique musical composition by 'sitting' for the Method software composer, just as you would sit for a painter making your portrait.

The first example of this process can be heard, elaborated into a song by Pete, on Fragments the opening track of the Who's latest album Endless Wire.

Accredited press and media are invited to attend this launch in person in London at Oceanic Studios on Wednesday afternoon April 25th. Press and media only apply to me - Helen Griffiths at Eel Pie +44 20 8940 8171 or helen at

OR apply to her for a link to a live webcast address and Blog link so you can attend via your computer on the same day. For those of you in awkward Time Zones the entire launch will be looped for several days on a special weblink.

Helen Griffiths - Eel Pie Ltd.
-Brian in Atlanta
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