The 20 Worst Cover Songs in Pop Music History

Tue Mar 13 23:31:27 CDT 2007

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> posts The 20 Worst Cover Songs in Pop Music History. Includes 2 
> count-em 2 Who covers!

yeah, I'll trust the opinion of a rip-off of "mad" magazine. actually, I 
remember enjoying "cracked" when I was younger. why is "downtown train" on that 
list? i'm sorry if tom waits' voice is better than rod's.... ::cringes::, yes, I 
like madonna's version of "american pie". "it's my life" sounds better than 
the original. why is sheryl crow's version of "sweet child o' mine" always on 
these "worst cover songs" lists? it's not so bad. what next? "the first cut is 
the deepest"? hell, why do you think slash hated the song so much at first? 
cause it could easily translate to something someone like sheryl could do.   
speakin' of G N'R, if their version of "knockin' on heaven's door" is so bad, how 
come the classic rock stations play it more times that friggin' zeppelin?   
by the way, why no pat boone or paul anka doing nirvana? 

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