The Who Goes To Washington...

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Just a quick post as I am on a computer at the Marriott that costs an arm and a leg.
I held that sign up and my friend Jess held hers up that said CAN I RIDE YOUR MAGIC
BUS in which Pete replied..."he can but you can't" haha! They went off stage so then
Jess wrote on the back of her poster...PLEASE!!! When Pete came back on stage
he spotted it immediately and said "you have understand it's not  sex matter,it's
an age matter". The next night at Borgata Jess's poster was recognized again
and Roger's guard/assistant came right up to her seat and handed her backstage
passes which lead us to meet Roger,get photos and autographs.It was Jess's
first time ever meeting him so it was a brilliant two nights.Off to the Nassau
Coliseum show in a few hours :) It was fantastic seeing you again Kevin.
I'm glad Stu was able to find you but I'm sure he would of eventually :)
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Mike Starke had a great sign that read "God Speaks of Peter Townshend."
Pete made some comments about it later in the show.  I'll let Mike fill in
those details.  Mike, Stu could see the sign even from his seats.  Well
done!  Oh, and no sign of Jon in Mi.  :-(
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