Sean Daly interprets Pete interview

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Sun Mar 11 13:58:36 CDT 2007

>>  "Young musicians often complain to me that I didn't  leave many 
>>new ways of standing with a guitar for them to discover  for themselves
>>  . Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Elvis took one  position each and left 
>>the remaining five thousand to  me."

>I just love this quote.  It is true.  There are no  sloppy seconds left with 
>instrument known as the guitar when Pete is  in the line-up.   He has created
>a unique position for himself  as one who should not be followed.

>He's done it all....didn't  he?
Joe, I agree.
Pete may have saved my life by doing this.  When I was a young man and  
thought about learning to play the guitar, the thought came to me, "If I learn  
this, I would have to be Pete Townshend. And there is no way I could  ever beat 
him." so I didn't bother trying.
Jon in Mi.

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