pete's blog / autobiography

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Mar 11 05:24:55 CDT 2007


> wow thanks. see, I can't get into pete's blog. I dunno if it's because I
> have to be registered or what, seems highly likely that that's the
problem, so
> you'll have to excuse me if I ask about any new postings to his online
> autobiography.

I can't see how why you're having trouble with this site - you don't need to
register or sign in or anything.

Try this link instead, which is subtly different:

This is the link to his memoirs, as opposed to the URL with the dash:

which is his blog.

Have you tried the normal stuff?  Ctrl + F5 to reload the page.  Clearing
Temporary Internet files.  etc.

What do you see when you try to go to these sites?  An error or just a blank
page?  Is anyone else having this trouble?

> and thanks again to mobailey (dunno yer real name) for posting it. : )

Last week you called me "chris.frate at", so at least you're
getting a bit closer now.

For the record, the name is "Martin Bailey".  But my friends call me
"Keith"; you can call me "John".



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