The Who Goes To Washington...

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See why I like to attend many Who shows? So my one and only love will recognize me and Mr. Snuggles! I LOVE YOU, ROGER!!! HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!

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> >Joe Lewinski 
> >Kevin & Stu (Jon if you are there too!), 
> > 
> >> Roger immediately saw me and I swear he beamed again. > I raised it for the last time right after WGFA while they were waving to 
> us, and Roger stopped and stared at it until he made it out. Tania turned 
> and said "Roger saw, he'll play it", I replied "yeah, but I want to be 
> sure Pete saw it good." 
> Ok, I lied, I raised it again right as they came back out for the encore. 
> I didn't see an acoustic guitar. :-( ( ! ) 
> I raised the sign high over my head, and Roger saw it again, and like a 
> reminder, he stopped in his tracks, spun around looking for the tech with 
> his guitar. One moment, nothing in his hands, the next moment that sweet 
> black "gitter" was around his neck, and Naked Eye was in the bag. 
> I heard the guy behind me ask his wife what that song was that was 
> starting, and I simply turned and let them read my sign. They looked at 
> me puzzled, with a billion thoughts racing in their heads. Ha! Don't 
> hurt yer self trying to figure that out. 
> > Roger... 
> Roger the work horse. 
> I thought he was spot on. 
> Tania thought he was spot on. 
> Stu and Lori thought he was spot on. 
> Mike and Berry thought he was spot on. 
> He was......fucking spot on. 
> What a great voice, with power, passion, and also going off with the mic. 
> Near the end Roger gave us this insight 
> into his life this last year of touring..."I hate winter. Central heating 
> and singers don't mix. I'm tired of sleeping with 
> the window 20 below weather.....wearing a fur coat, and still 
> freezing my bullocks off! I'm ready for Spring!" 
> > An absolutely ROARING and long ovation for the mightiest voice in rock. 
> Roger hit his WGFA scream the best I've *ever* heard him. His voice is 
> always strong, but this scream came as close to mimicking the actual WN 
> version that I've ever heard. 
> After "the scream" the crowd cheered so loud, specifically designed to 
> show Roger their appreciation for nailing that...just for them. 
> Roger knew he nailed it. 
> > It's official....Stu welled-up to Tea and Theatre! 
> I> 
> Kevin in VT 
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