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OK, this setlist isn't too bad, with Naked Eye in and Mike Post out.  However, Roger still stubbornly crowbars RGLB in there, when it is devoid of energy and serves only to keep great songs like Relay, LLR and anything from Quad out of the set.  And is there any reason why Eminence Front and YBYB couldn't rotated with songs like Relay and LLR?  Is it THAT important for Roger to get to play the electric guitar?  Saw Billy Joel Tuesday night, and he ran through a 2.5 hr dizzying array of hits.  He even let a guitar tech come out and sing Highway to Hell in front of 15,000 people.  I hear Billy also varies his setlist quite a bit from night to night.  He isn't much younger than Pete and Roger, so the age argument is, quite frankly, bullshit.  The Who need to get off their asses and mix it up, even if just a little.

1. "I Can't Explain" 

2. "The Seeker" 

3. "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" 

4. "Fragments" 

5. "Who Are You" 

6. "Behind Blue Eyes" 

7. "Real Good Looking Boy" 

8. "Wire & Glass" (mini-opera) 

9. "Baba O'Riley" 

10. "Eminence Front" 

11. "Man in a Purple Dress" 

12. "Black Widow's Eyes" 

13. "You Better You Bet" 

14. "My Generation" 

15. "Cry If You Want" 

16. "Won't Get Fooled Again" 


17. "Naked Eye" 

18. "Pinball Wizard" 

19. "Amazing Journey" 

20. "Sparks" 

21. "See Me, Feel Me" 

22. "Tea & Theatre" 


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