Terre Haute Tribune-Star on Conseco Fieldhouse

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Thu Mar 8 09:21:50 CST 2007

Roger is so stunningly beautiful & gorgeous I could just cry when I look at his angelic beauty! He outcutes other rockers I once thought cute: George Harrison, Brian May, Peter Noone, Billy Squier...you name it! 

I think I may purchase the San Diego DVD from themusic.com! 

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> At 63, Daltrey remains a singing marvel who combines tenderness and 
> blast-furnace intensity on "Behind Blue Eyes." 
> > The set concluded with an acoustic duet of "Endless Wire's" elegant "Tea & 
> Theatre." "We did it all, didn't we," boomed Daltrey. His throaty baritone 
> somehow expressed wistfulness and melancholy, giving voice to characters 
> > 
> In black jeans and a T-shirt, Daltrey looked fit to prove that 63 is the new 43. 
> But he unabashedly revealed his age by describing his boyhood desire in 1950s to 
> become the next Elvis Presley. > 

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