Naked Eye Video

Tue Mar 6 17:58:40 CST 2007

I assume you can't film an entire song with a cell phone right? I don't have 
a cell phone, so that's why I ask. 

>> at a time.Art Garfunkel caught me 7 years ago at a racetrack and had his 
>> people hunt
>> me down like he was the greatest thing since slice bread.I love Art 
>> though
>> unconditionally.His voice is a Godsend ;)

well, be happy he wasn't like axl rose and jumped into the crowd himself and 
gave you a "beat down". ha!        his voice IS a Godsend. that DVD of the 
simon and garfunkel reunion from a few years back was incredible and one of the 
best concert DVDs I've ever seen. made me wish I attended a show. 

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