Teenager on "My Generation"

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kevinandt at gmavt.net writes:

> Look, I didn't see your unequivocal endorsement of her statement until 
> after 
> I posted my reaction.

I wasn't endorsing anyone's statement. just my own in a "take it or leave it" 

>> I could care less if you think all adults are this way or that way, or if 
>> you think the 60's was a crock by a bunch of money grubbers.
>> I'm busy, I don't have the time, and frankly I just don't give a shit.
>> Besides, we know your sentiments exactly.

I see you didn't read my entire post. if you did, you would see that I didn't 
say the 60's thing was a crock. actually, it was a good idea. problem is, it 
didn't work, but that's fine. we move on and try something else, but no one 
from the 60's generation really did. in the 80's they became "money grubbers" as 
far as I can see. 

I don't quite recall alan's post. could someone re-post it so I can see what 
kev's talking about?  I probably did see it but chose not to respond to it 
because there was probably nothing to respond to from my standpoint. 

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