Teenager on "My Generation"

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Mon Mar 5 19:37:12 CST 2007

>Teenager on "My Generation"
>it seems what kevin posted on
>this subject was pretty contradicting.

Oh brother.
Yes, I'm sure you see it like that.

>on one hand, he says that young people
>put older folks into a category, not bothering to talk to them and all 

Yes, and all that.

>meanwhile, before he even said all that, he refers to the author of the
>statement that got this ball rolling to begin with as, "a young kid who 
>dosen't have
>to support herself or anyone else".

I wrote "*spoken like* a young kid who doesn't have to support herself or 
anyone else."
"Spoken like"
Implication is that while I don't know, she sounds like.........a young kid 
who doesn't have to support herself or anyone else.

Look, I didn't see your unequivocal endorsement of her statement until after 
I posted my reaction.
I could care less if you think all adults are this way or that way, or if 
you think the 60's was a crock by a bunch of money grubbers.
I'm busy, I don't have the time, and frankly I just don't give a shit.
Besides, we know your sentiments exactly.

Why not take a stab at Alan's post?
We're essentially saying the same thing, except he does a much better job at 
getting the thought across.

Kevin in VT 

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