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> When I was young I was fortunate to have people older than me that  
> remembered what it was like to be young and actually treated me with love 
> and  respect. 
>  My dad was cool.  My brother was cool.  And Pete  is still cool.
> I can say without reservation that my teenage kids are  alright. 

PLUS.. ha, (thank you Jon for posting that. I was gonna say something of that 
sort, pertaining to your generation and mine). it seems what kevin posted on 
this subject was pretty contradicting. on one hand, he says that young people 
put older folks into a category, not bothering to talk to them and all that. 
meanwhile, before he even said all that, he refers to the author of the 
statement that got this ball rolling to begin with as, "a young kid who dosen't have 
to support herself or anyone else".  isn't that putting young people into a 
category? I know you're referring to one person but, your choice of words 
("spoken LIKE a young kid..") gets me wondering.  whose to say what this girl's life 
is like? obviously she or her folks can afford to attend a who concert, so 
maybe she's an exception, but what about the young people who HAVE to support 
themselves cause no one else wants to? you see them on the streets every now and 
then mingling with the older people doing the same. some of these younger 
folks have even volunteered to join military service and are in iraq right now, 
and afghanistan and wherever else bush and his cronies send them to, and 
there's a great number of them coming home in caskets while others who come home 
have what they call "post-traumatic stress disorder", been screwed over by their 
government and medical care professionals and because of this, some of them 
end up homeless and/or hung lifeless from a rope.  now at this point, I can 
easily say that your generation was different with your drugs and sexual 
experimentation and burning draft cards, but there were alot of other young folks who 
were drafted and/or volunteered and fought in vietnam. and the aftermath was 
more or less the same when you think about it. (by the way, if I was around in 
the 60's, I'd be a total hippie and would burn my draft card at the drop of a 
hat, so there ya go). 

like i've said over and over, every generation will have a crop of older 
folks who will complain about it and say that their generation was better. 
thankfully, there are some exceptions, but in the end, it's more or less the same. as 
george carlin (an older person himself) would say, "garbage in, garbage out". 
  "hope I die before I get old", at least how I interpret it, has to do more 
with mentality rather than the body or anything else. I know pete wrote it and 
he's gonna interpret it in many different ways, like I've also said, his mind 
changes more than people change clothes. but that's how I see it. 

so God help me, I hope I DO die before I get old.  
thank you. 

P.S. my apologies to schrade for the "God" reference. ; )

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