Teenager on "My Generation" / R&R circus

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> While many demonstrated passion at the concert I doubt they have for much 
> else in this world, it struck me as sad. This tour de force of rebellion 
> against the greater powers, lit brightly in the sixties and seventies, has 
> retreated into empty words, sung by those who retreaed into their suits, proving the 
> flower children to be more of a 'phase' than a revolutionary generation.

man. my sentiments exactly. 

by the way, the local PBS affiliates over where I am has been airing the 
"rock n' roll circus" too. acting like it's the first time it's aired on TV while 
VH1 aired it a long time ago. numerous times if I can recall. PBS cuts out a 
few performances by the way. 

weird, that paragraph started with "by the way" and ended with "by the way". 
I need to expand my vocabulary. 

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