Teenager on "My Generation"

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Sun Mar 4 07:26:08 CST 2007

Rather appropriate considering the recent story of "My Generation" as "greatest teen anthem." Here's the view of a current teenager:

From a blog at Progressive U:

Where have all the hippies gone??
Submitted by ShelleyCR on Sat, 03/03/2007 - 6:48pm. 

I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Who concert two days ago. I have been a fan of the Who for quite some time, and seeing the genius of Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey only a few hundred feet away was certainly an experience I have no intention of ever forgetting.

While they performing an electrifying rendition of "My Generation", I looked at the sea of baby boomers that engulfed me, shouting along with the lyrics, "People try to put us d-down/Talkin' 'bout my generation/Just because we get around/Talkin' 'bout my generation/Things they do look awful c-c-cold/Talkin' 'bout my generation/I hope I die before I get old/Talkin' 'bout my generation"

I smirked, as only a cynical, self-absorbed teenager can, at the irony of the situation. Here, thousands were shouting about the confines the previous generation shackled upon them, rebelliously flippant in their desire to screw the system. However, those same thousands are those coming to this concert from their corporate jobs, stuck in the same routine, day after day. And many of them have graying, thinning hair atop their heads, and their inability to connect with their teenager kids burns a growing flame inside their hearts. How ironic, then, that they say, "I hope I die, before I get old."

While many demonstrated passion at the concert I doubt they have for much else in this world, it struck me as sad. This tour de force of rebellion against the greater powers, lit brightly in the sixties and seventies, has retreated into empty words, sung by those who retreaed into their suits, proving the flower children to be more of a 'phase' than a revolutionary generation.

-Brian in Atlanta
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